Co-worker or competitor?

Are you invited to a job interview and the information is that it will be conducted as an assessment centre? Are you interested in how such a selection procedure takes place? You'll probably be surprised at the beginning that you won't be alone on the interview. Besides the personalists, the potential supervisor or the psychologist, there will be several other applicants with you in the room. You will get tasks that you will solve separately or together and based on the results, one of you shall be selected as the appropriate candidate for the given position. At that point, the question is whether your competition is really a competitor or a team player.
Imagine in the right light
One of the tools used in the selection form of assessment centre personalists is psychodiagnostics. It will reveal your properties and assumptions that will or will not be appropriate for your position. In this case, there is no point in hiding something. This modern way of interviewer allows you to prepare well through the agency MotivP, which will give you professional advice and dedicate you to a secret to succeed in the role of a candidate or observer.

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