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Does IPTV Allow Target Marketing?

This is a happy time for broadcasters and consumers. OTT, radio network broadcaster or IPTV can use internet protocol TV to send information to their target market in their key region. It has been a while from the time cable television was only appealing to mass market. When it all began, viewers were only able to enjoy a handful of channels. Nowadays, the alternatives such as online content streaming services are millions.

All consumers are different but because the old formula was successful, traditional cable companies are grouping in homogeneous classifications. Before the introduction of the internet, all people were watching one thing across the board. A book could last for months on the best-seller list. We could watch a blockbuster movie for a whole season. Nowadays, a movie or book remains on the prime spotlights only for a week or two. Content is being removed so that the demands of different niche markets or thousands of tribes can be met.

It is argued that world publishers are now thinking like video producers. Return on investments are being realized when a story is personalized by a media and produced to perfection using a video.

Content has from this been diverged in different ways. The number of channels available to them are in millions so consumers can select the ones they want to watch. IPTV enables a consumer to do this, they are not forced to only watch content that is not appeal and less interesting.

The old formula that used to appeal to masses does not work anymore for broadcasters. You will normally find in most middle-class homes that all members are enjoying content in their gadgets. This means that at any given time, in a normal household a mother, father, son, and daughter are watching different entertainment. Nobody is interested is interested in what the other person is watching.

This is ideal for advertisers and consumers. More variety and diversity enables target advertising, IPTV enables broadcasters to segment their target audience the same way big data enables finer granular levels. This enables OTT and IPTV as well as radio network broadcasters and target advertisements which are linked to a specific demographic and show’s niche.

For consumers today there are various choices. The choices are an explosion of wealth, shopping choices and media choices which has resulted in choice wealth. For proper adjustment IPTV providers must adjust to survive. IPTV can do this by appealing to people on a specific show, time slot or channel. As normal broadcasting is slowly and surely losing popularity to on-demand video and watch-as-you-go entertainment other niches will be created. New niches will be developed because normal broadcasting is surely and slowly losing its popularity to watch-as-you-go and on-demand video entertainment.

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