Loss of iron and calcium

Coffee is a very popular drink, especially in women. It contains a natural caffeine alkaloid that provides an energy rush, but it is also found in black and green tea or cocoa. In pregnancy, a lot of women do not give up on this substance. However, this can have negative effects on fetal development! Caffeine increases urinary calcium excretion and logically then its content decreases in the human body. What's more, it decreases the absorption of iron and may result in the child's anaemia!
Herbs, juices and others
You can go the way of various herbal teas, fruit juices and smoothies or there is quite a reliable substitute for the favorite "morning loader" in the form of increasingly popular and also more discussed green coffee. You'll see it's not that bad. Some of them are very good and will be able to taste the beverage with a full content of caffeine at least get closer.

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