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How You Can Best Protect the Top Executives and Board Members of Your Company against Protesters and Shareholders Who Are Hostile

If today you are to go online and search ‘shareholders meeting attack’, you would be shocked at how many results you would find of top executives and board members being attacked by the rest of the shareholders of the company. If you are wondering as to why anyone would want to attack the top executives and board members of the company especially during an annual general meeting of the company, the reasons are very many. A lot of times, the top executives and the board members are forced to make unpopular decisions which sometimes do not land well in the hearts of the rest of the shareholders. Sometimes, the top executives and board members might decide that instead of paying out dividends to the shareholders, they will use the money and reinvested into the company for greater profitability in the future years to come. In the minds of some shareholders, they might be waiting for the money to be released and when they hear that it is not been released, they might result to violence. Whenever a vacant office shows up, especially if it is among the highest ranking offices, the board members will be required to appoint someone. Sometimes, they will appoint someone who is not the popular person with the rest of the shareholders and this might lead to further hostility towards the board members.

There are ways that a company can protect the board members and top executives against being harmed in the event that such occurrences take place. Risk mitigation strategies can be utilized to reduce the amount of loss that would be incurred in the event that violence did break out against the top executives and board members. In this article, we shall seek to discuss some of the strategies that you can utilize to ensure that the top executives of your company are protected.

If you are thinking of ways that you can protect your high-ranking officials from any form of violence and hostility, then you can consider hiring a security detail for them that will work with them at all times, everywhere. This is important because, it is not only at meetings that you top executives and board members can be attacked, but they can also be attacked at home or in the course of carrying out their day-to-day activities.

You can also prevent violence from erecting by properly vetting the people who are allowed into the meetings called for by the company.

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